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Mixing liquids isn't rocket science - Part 1

With the help of our Vape bases and flavors you can create your own liquids.

Step 1 - The Base

As basis you need a base with the desired nicotine content.

The base consists of:

  1. VG - Vegetable Glycerin (1,2,3-Propantriol)
  2. PG - Propyleneglycol (1,2-Propandiol)
  3. H2O - (Aqua PH 5)

The following options are possible:

  1. You use a finished VG / PG Vape base with your desired nicotine content
  2. Mix your own base with your preferred ratio VG / PG and nicotine content
    eg .: 55% PG / 35% VG / 10% H2O (traditional mix)

How to mix a base or how to change the nicotine content of a base will be explained in Part 2.

Step 2 - The Flavor/Aroma

The most important thing at the beginning:

  • Flavors/Aromas can not be vaped pure.

How much flavor you need depends on your own taste and differce from manufacturer to  manufacturer.
Each flavor manufacturers are usually gave a dose recommendation. It is not a quality characteristic whether one should be dosed high or lower.

We always try to gave a dosage recommendation in the item description.

The calculation of how much flavor you require is quite simple.

Let's go from this:

  • You want to have 100ml finished Liquid.
  • The dosage recomandation is 5% of your choosen aroma.

To know how much base and flavor you need pleasemultiple 100ml by 5% and subtract the result from the 100ml.

100ml * 5% =   5ml
100ml – 5ml = 95ml

In our example, you need 95ml Base and 5ml aroma.

Mix well both in the calculated amount together and shake the mixture. Even your Liquid is ready.

Liquids must intervene?

This is a topic which is often discussed controversial by "Self mixers".
Some of them are of the opinion that liquids develop the full flavor after a certain "maturity period". Others are convinced that liquids do not
need a "maturation period".

Most flavors or liquids can be vaped immediately after mixing and do not change the taste after some days (mature).
However, there are some flavors that require a certain "maturity period", the full flavor is reached after a few days.


  • Flavors are best dosed with 1-5ml syringes
  • You should always start with a low dose of flavors that you do not know. If the taste is too weak, you can add some flavor. To dilute excessive liquid afterwards is much more complex.
  • If you want to try flavor combinations (eg .: strawberry with vanilla), it is recommended to use non-nicotine for the experiments bases.
  • As a container for mixing, we recommend our 100ml or 1 liter pharma bottles



  • Nicotine is harmful for heart ,blood pressure and coronary vessels.
  • Our offered nicotine products are not sold to persons under the age of 18!
  • Nicotine is not suitable for pregnant women, Non smokers and persons with relevant pre-existing conditions.
  • Keep the bases and the flavors absolutely out of reach of children and animals.



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